CARIBBEAN: Death of Hollywood actor Christian Oliver in plane crash in Grenadines


The investigation to determine the causes of the accident of the private plane which crashed into the sea on January 4, 2024, after taking off from the airport on the island of Bequia has begun. Among the four people who died were Hollywood actor Christian Oliver, his two daughters and the pilot.

Authorities said the plane took off from JF Mitchell Airport on Thursday, January 4, around 12:11 p.m. local time. “Moments after takeoff, the plane encountered difficulties and plunged into the ocean,” the police statement said. The wreckage of the plane was quickly located by fishermen and local coastguards near the island of Little Nevis. Unfortunately, the emergency services were only able to note the death of the four occupants of the aircraft. According to initial testimonies, the plane nosedived then crashed into the sea at high speed, an engine failure being the investigators' preferred lead. The wreckage of the plane was brought ashore this Monday, July 8. An investigation was opened by the Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation to determine all the circumstances of the tragedy.

The plane's pilot, Robert Sachs, had lived in Bequia for 40 years where he ran a diving center with his wife. It was transporting actor Christian Klepser, better known as Christian Oliver (his stage name, editor's note), and his two daughters aged 12 and 10, to Saint Lucia International Airport where they were to take a flight. plane to return home to the United States.

The plane crash caused a lot of talk in the cinematic world. Actor Christian Oliver was 51 years old, and had numerous films and series under his belt, in Germany and in Hollywood. He notably played in the German series “Cobra Alert”, and had supporting roles in big American productions like “Speed ​​Racer” and “Indiana Jones and the Clock of Destiny”. He also worked with director Steven Soderbergh in The Good German, where he starred alongside Cate Blanchett and George Clooney.  _AF

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