Cancer: chemotherapy treatments now administered in Saint-Martin


After a very long wait, the Louis Constant Fleming Hospital Center finally obtained authorization for cancer treatment. A "clean" room specifically dedicated to the preparation of treatments has been built within the establishment.

This new care activity is carried out under the responsibility of Doctor LARUELLE, hospital practitioner oncologist and Doctor OPSOMER, head of the pharmacy department.

The Centralized Cytotoxic Reconstitution Unit (URCC) was officially opened on Monday 22 November. It will allow patients from Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy suffering from neoplastic pathology to benefit from chemotherapy or other cytotoxic treatment within the hospital, and therefore as close as possible to their home and their lives. daily.

This new medical activity constitutes a very clear improvement for the care and quality of life of patients in our territory suffering from oncological pathology or malignant hemopathy, who were forced to go to Guadeloupe or to forgo treatment.

The first patients were received yesterday in a day hospital.



Photo caption: (from left to right)  Mrs Marie-Antoinette LAMPIS-PATTUS, Director of the hospital, accompanied by Doctor Marie HENAUX-LARUELLE, practitioner  hospital oncologist and Doctor Marie-Agnès OPSOMER, head of the pharmacy department

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