Burglary: Two gunshot wounds in a family home in Oyster-Pond!


On the night of Saturday to Sunday, around 1:15 a.m., a burglary was committed at the home of a family residing in Oyster-Pond, the father and his son having been injured during the intrusion of criminals armed with a pump action shotgun and handgun.

While two hooded men were outside, two others rang the doorbell. The family had just returned home. The 15-year-old son, believing that it was his girlfriend, opened the door and found himself facing two men armed with a shotgun and a pistol.

They put the son on the ground. The father, who heard the noise, immediately left his room and was also aimed at by the two individuals. The family dog, a Malinois shepherd appeared and was shot twice by one of the two thugs, carrying the shotgun. During the shooting, bullet projectiles hit both the father in the abdomen and the son in the left biceps. Both were admitted to the Louis-Constant Fleming hospital center. The seriousness of the young teenager's injury, aged 15, required his transfer by EVASAN to the CHU of Fort-de-France on Sunday, around noon, to undergo surgery. Its vital prognosis is however not engaged. The slightly injured father was able to accompany his son during his transfer to Martinique.

Note that the criminals fled the house on foot with the only loot, a camera!

This gratuitous attack was entrusted to the Research Section of Saint-Martin, to the criminal investigation cell and the community of Brigade de Marigot. _AF


Press release from Saint Martin Rugby Union

“All the volunteers, players and leaders of the Saint-Martin Rugby Union wish to support the Morel family, brutally attacked at their home on the night of Saturday to Sunday. A special thought to the son, Charles, a talented Union player, seriously injured during this savage attack. Courage Charles, the rugby world supports you in these painful circumstances ”!

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