Café Malongo: Barista Week: a unique event in Saint-Martin and Saint-Barth!


The brand of coffees and teas is now well known on the island. Its commitment and values ​​as a responsible company too. 

Opened in April 2015, the showroom located at 201 rue de Hollande is the local showcase for the French brand, which has proven that respect for the environment and ethics in commercial and industrial practices are perfectly in line with performance and innovation.

From Monday November 7 to Saturday November 12, MALONGO cafes present the 1st edition of "barista week at SXM and ST-Barth".

What is a BARISTA? 

A barista is a professional specialist in the art of preparing and serving coffee. The Brand brought for the occasion to ST-Martin, the French Latte Art champion, our Caribbean pride, Rudy DUPUIS.

Rudy has extensive knowledge of coffee. He has studied all aspects of it, from cultivation to appetizer, including the different varieties and roasting. He specializes in the art of preparing it, personalizing it and serving it to the customer.

During his week, the barista will give you demonstrations of his mastery of LATTE ART, for your greatest taste and aesthetic pleasure, under the benevolent gaze of Mr. RODRIGUEZ Henry, general manager of the Malongo Export department who honors us with his presence.

In a few words, MALONGO transmits to you through a cup its passion for coffee and a range of values ​​as wide as the varieties that are offered to you in pods or grinds. And for a week, you will have the privilege of having in your cup the creativity of a great French champion from our islands, barista Rudy DUPUIS. _AF

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