Scholarship: 302 students benefited from the Territorial Scholarship for Higher Education, in 2016/2017!


The Executive Council, meeting on July 5, 2017, validated the co-financing of the European Social Fund (ESF) requested by the Education Department of the Human Development Division under the territorial scholarship scheme for higher education for the 2016 academic year. 2017.

The total cost of the action is € 601. This amount includes the staff costs of agents assigned to the fellowship service. It is an ESF participation of 744,87% or € 85. The Collective intervenes up to 511% or € 483,14. However, it fully pre-finances the system pending reimbursement by the ESF.

388 applications submitted, of which 302 were deemed eligible (210 women and 92 men). 269 ​​students are enrolled in Bachelor or in Bac + 2 level training, 20 students in Master 1 and 13 students in Master 2.

The territorial scholarship system set up by the Collectivity aims to support young Saint-Martin residents called to leave the territory in the pursuit and resumption of their post-bac studies. The regional higher education grants constitute a mobility aid paid to students.


Six types of scholarships are offered to students of Saint Martin:

- A scholarship based on social criteria

- A scholarship for Sciences-Po students

- A scholarship for Master 2 students

- A scholarship for doctoral students

- An incentive grant

- A grant for students abroad capped at € 2500.

As of the 2017-2018 academic year, these regulations for the allocation of territorial grants will be reformed to take into account the changes desired by the dematerialized management of the system as well as the co-financing of the ESF.



The file must be made online! From July 1 to August 15, 2017

The community of Saint-Martin informs scholarship students or future students that requests for higher education scholarships must be made online, via the new digital portal of the community.

Online process:

Please connect to the Saint-Martin community website:

Select the "Online Service" tab (top right)

"Access to student grants"

Click on "Create an account", then create your username and password

a confirmation email will be sent to you by email> click on the link

You just need to complete the steps indicated.

The deadline for submitting the scholarship file is August 15, 2017

For more information, you can contact by email: or Tel: 0590 29 59 18.

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