BIODIVERSITY: Artificial nurseries for baby fish installed in the port of Galisbay and in the Fort-Louis and Anse Marcel marinas


After a year of implementation, the project supported by the Plan France Relance (Ministry in charge of the Environment and the European Union) "Mitigation of the impacts linked to port developments on the coastal marine biodiversity of Saint-Martin" is a hit.

It is hosted by the Port Establishment of Saint-Martin on the sites of the Port of Galisbay and the Marina Fort-Louis, and by the Marina of Anse Marcel. The installation of 40 artificial nurseries called Biohut to protect the young life stages of various species of fish. This system has proven itself: after 10 months, the Biohuts have multiplied the number of species present in the Port and the marinas by 3 on average and the number of fish by 12 on average.

These nurseries therefore play an essential role in mitigating the loss of natural habitats serving as nursery and feeding grounds. The managers of the port sites have already expressed a desire to continue this project by keeping these Biohuts to reduce the impact of the developments on the marine environment. Maintaining natural habitats and deploying artificial habitats in artificial areas would effectively protect fish populations and see their numbers increase.

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