Retirement Insurance: Find a definitive solution for incomplete files


As part of the Blue Week, agents of the Pension Insurance at the General Social Security Fund (CGSS) of Guadeloupe traveled to Saint-Martin. The opportunity to ask all retirees who have filed a retirement file or who have an incomplete file to meet them in the morning of Tuesday, October 8.

Indeed, people who have received requests for supporting documents to complete their file were invited to go to the Social Security agency of Saint-Martin to meet the staff of the Pension Insurance. An appointment to allow them to finalize the processing of their retirement file and so that agents can give, if necessary, additional explanations to retirees or future retirees.

For Betty Besry, Director of Retirement Insurance at the CGSS of Guadeloupe, "our goal is to complete the file and finalize it so that these people are paid". A notice has been sent to each of the persons who have a file pending with the Pension Insurance. As for people whose Pension Insurance did not have the address or who were incomplete, remote advisers took care to contact them by asking them to go to the agency.

Consultations began at 8:00 a.m. and continued beyond noon. “The objective is to ensure that all the files that are pending with us find a final solution,” assures Betty Besry, “that also allows us to see the particular difficulties that people encounter in Saint- Martin ”._RM


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