DEVELOPMENT: The Community is hard at work to beautify the Seafront in Marigot!


Agents from the Community's quality of life department are currently working tirelessly on the beautification of the Marigot Seafront, just a stone's throw from the start of the high tourist season.

After the demolition phase of the old Lolos building last month, local authority agents have been mobilized in recent days to clean and beautify the area between the amphitheater esplanade and the car park. taxis.

The seats of the amphitheater have been refurbished and repainted white. The space located on the site of the old lolos has been leveled and will welcome, from the end of this week, a new esplanade planted with around twenty Flamboyants and Nimiers, planted in the heart of rounded mini-walls serving as benches . A wooden cabin is being built in this public space, which will house the office of the market square controllers and the EDF premises.

While awaiting the definition of a new development project for the entire seafront line, the priority of this immediate work is to restore the Marigot seaside to its primary purpose as a tourist, friendly and lively place.

Thus, from the end of this year, it will once again be possible to enjoy these spaces daily, during family walks or social, cultural and sporting activities. Christmas and New Year festivities will take place at this location.

An additional phase of work will be initiated from 2024.  The Community will carry out new local developments, making life easier for taxis, motorists and users and taking into account the reception of people with reduced mobility: installation of a mini-roundabout at the intersection of rue de la République and Boulevard de France (as in the past); redefinition of parking and taxi circulation in front of the ferry terminal; reorganization of the amphitheater where the tourist market is currently located; reorganization of parking spaces, reorganization of the location of certain activities on the ferry terminal side and the market side;  creation of green spaces connecting the city center and the seaside; demolition of the old seaside school to open the city center to the sea, with shaded alleys connecting the COM hotel to the seafront and junctions between the center and Boulevard de France. _AF

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