Development of the Galion: The calls for tenders launched before this summer!


"The call for tenders for the long-awaited project for the development of the surroundings of Galion beach by the Conservatoire du littoral will be launched before the summer and will consist of three lots" announces the Nature Reserve in its latest quarterly newspaper.

Since 2014, the Conservatoire du littoral is the owner of the site, in order to protect it from urbanization and privatization, and to preserve its ecological and landscape richness for the benefit of the greatest number.

The Galion is managed according to a tripartite agreement between the Collectivity, the Conservatory and the Natural Reserve of Saint-Martin.

This long-standing development project, co-funded by the development contract, 80% for the State and 20% for the Conservatory, had first consisted in the demolition of the ruins of the old hotel in late 2016.

The second phase, that of development, should start soon. “The popular and family vocation of the beach will therefore be preserved and even reinforced; the acquisition by the Conservatoire having precisely as reason the strong protection of its free access ”indicated the Conservatoire in April 2016. It is about to launch the calls for tender to find the companies which will carry out the installations.

The first lot will concern the demolition of recent low walls, the cleaning and clearing of the site. The second, earthworks, roads and various networks. "The imperative being to return as close as possible to the natural area and not to create anything in" hard ", except the road, which will be simply recompacted to flatten it" specifies the Nature reserve. The third for the installation of five picnic carbets, a garbage can, two dry toilets, a wooden deck for catering, markup and signage.

A parking area of ​​a hundred places, set back from the beach, as well as a parking area for buses, will be delimited by wooden stakes and low wooden fences (ganivelles) will guide users to the beach. , safely.

Access to the closest to the beach will be exclusively authorized for fishermen and the surf club, who will have a key to open it. Two beach volleyball courts are planned as well as a play area for children. 

A call for projects will be launched in parallel for an ecological traveling restaurant.

The Nature Reserve, which manages the Conservatory's sites, is responsible for revegetating the area and plans to plant coconut palm, gum, grape and mahogany trees. 

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