Taking action against violence at school: avenues for study


Following the latest events at the vocational high school, several measures are planned in establishments to improve the school climate. Update with Michel Sanz, the representative of the rector in the Northern Islands.

How to prevent these phenomena of violence?

National Education and the entire educational community have an important role to play in raising awareness among students and parents about these issues of violence. I hear a lot of talk about additional means to put in place: they are useful, but will not solve everything. Heads of establishments must stimulate awareness.

What measures should be adopted to stop this violence?

I alerted the prefecture so that there is increased surveillance at the level of educational establishments at the entry and exit of students. I asked that the National Education fund mobile security team members who have a role of monitoring, mediation and regulation. Today, there are two in Saint-Martin for all schools. I also want to strengthen the teams with prevention and safety assistants. Action is also being taken to mobilize young people in civic service so that they can listen to these phenomena within establishments.

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