December 1: World AIDS Day


If work on the ground to fight AIDS lasts 365 days a year, local prevention and awareness actions around December 1st are deployed in the territory by the AIDES association.

An important message to spread and remember: Undetectable = Untransmittable. For Angeline Pottier, delegate of the AIDES association in Saint-Martin, this message is essential to fight against discrimination: “HIV-positive people who are on combined antiretroviral treatment no longer transmit HIV, their viral load has become undetectable, the virus has therefore become intransmissible. In France, 200.000 people live with the AIDS virus compared to 24.000 who are unaware of being carriers in the absence of screening. In 2021, 100.000 people in France discovered their HIV status, a third of whom were at an advanced stage, making treatment more complicated due to screening being too late. The importance of repeated screening works: in 2021, 5,7 million HIV tests were carried out, a figure that is increasing and so much the better. If the end of the AIDS epidemic was scheduled for 2040, it will not happen given the lack of financial means and political will to fight once and for all against this scourge which has wreaked so much havoc since its appearance in 1981. Every December 1st, World HIV Day since 1988 (WHO), the AIDES association organizes a free screening day on its premises. Actions were held last week between AIDES and ALEFPA – Le Manteau (health-sex workshop), the hospital screening center, SAFE and St Maarten Aids Foundation, cross-border cooperation is essential in this fight against illness and discrimination. In the absence of a subsidy to carry out the annual HIV awareness campaign among health professionals, the AIDES association continues the work partly thanks to donations: women's aperitifs yesterday for a Spanish-speaking public, free screening this Friday and PREP service with SAFE at the AIDES premises from 19 to 21 p.m., information stand on sexual health at the Robert Weinum high school on December 7 with the Red Cross... The fight against HIV continues for the AIDES association and its partners because, as so judiciously stated, Angéline Pottier, to overcome AIDS, we must “unite to work together”. _VX

Info: 06 90 68 91 50 - 05 90 58 65 23

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AIDES Saint-Martin, 37 Route de Spring à Concordia

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