Enhance the skills of young people during a banquet


Gather young people around a friendly moment, promote living together, create a group dynamic between the two sexes, learn to stand in society and respect the rules of collective life, and allow young people to value themselves other than by violence are all objectives of the youth banquet.

The first edition of this event organized by the Espace Santé Jeunes (ESJ) took place on Thursday December 13 at the educational restaurant of the vocational school between 11:30 am and 14:30 pm

Eighteen high school students from Saint-Martin had responded to the invitation issued by the ESJ. Dressed in evening dress, they ended up in the restaurant. The couples were drawn and were each seated at a table. They took turns to make a short welcome speech, then made a brief parade. They then tasted their meal prepared by the students of the vocational school under the watchful eye of the members of the jury.

This was made up of Sharon Toulen and Frédéric Olivo, respectively medical secretary and doctor at Dangerous Liaisons, as well as Didier Witczak, technical director at ESJ and Evelyne Fleming, project manager at IA-DAASEN ( National Education). It was chaired by Léante Fleurantin, special education teacher at the ESJ, who organized this banquet. Thierry Bergmann, teacher in service and marketing at the LPO gave a course on table dining to students at the end of the meal. Rewarded not only for their outfit, but also for their eloquence and their savoir vivre at the table, Zayanna Fleming, Jerry Hodge and Sacha Jimenez obtained the best marks from the jury. The three winners each received a smartphone offered by Dauphin Telecom.

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