A partially dematerialized July 14 ceremony "Long live the Republic, long live France and long live Saint-Martin!" », Concluded each of the officials.


Health situation requires, it is a ceremony of July 14 partly dematerialized which was held Wednesday at the hotel of the Collectivity. After an ecumenical mass celebrated at the Catholic Church in Marigot and then the traditional wreath laying in front of the war memorial, the officials delivered their speeches in the deliberation room, broadcast live on the COM Facebook page.

Stevenson Miller, Chairman of the Territorial Youth Council introduced this series of speeches. After congratulating the new graduates and in particular those of the CTJ who obtained mentions, he recalled that July 14 celebrated the storming of the Bastille and the foundation of the Republic and reaffirmed the CTJ's attachment to the values ​​it carries. He regretted that this day, which is also the feast of Marigot, cannot, because of the crisis, be translated as usual into convivial moments on the seafront.

Daniel Gibbs, the president of the Collectivity then took the floor and first spoke about the health crisis by positioning himself as a "supporter of mass vaccination". He then reacted to the announcement of the extension of the health pass: "I am an optimist and a legitimist: perhaps it is a question of a" necessary evil "- and for a well-defined period? But I admit, as a liberal and as a humanist, I am uncomfortable with this prospect of the “QR Code” for everyone… ”.

And to underline: "And how to impose this measure on the restaurants of Saint-Martin, in the ultra-competitive context which we know ?! … Friendly Island cannot become the island of constraints and controls. "The president of the COM then continued on the importance of unity," between citizens of France and overseas, under the same flag "and recalled that" the full and complete application of statutory provisions passes through a loyal and balanced partnership with the local state ”.

Annick Petrus, the senator of Saint-Martin, and territorial advisor, recalled the values ​​of the Republic which is "not only a heritage but also a dynamic which aims to limit the obstacles to individual and collective freedoms, to establish equality before the law and solidarity of citizens towards one another ”.

The deputy for Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy, Claire Guion-Firmin  addressed his "most sincere thanks and testimony of his  respect ”to“ those who apply themselves and invest themselves forever in fraternity, justice and equality ”.

Serge Gouteyron, delegated prefect of Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin paid tribute to "those who defend France, watch over her […] and carry the values ​​of the Republic". In “this friendly island” which he described as “an example of humanism”, “we have confidence in France” and “we have the collective will to perpetuate the values ​​of the Republic”.


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