Shooting: The ASMT club of Saint-Martin still at the top of the poster!


Ten shooters from the TSV section of the Anse Marcel shooting club  ASMT made the trip to participate in the "Pirate Game" organized in Guadeloupe.

During this meeting, which took place over two days, our speed sport shooters were able to demonstrate all their talents through 18 very complex courses, on which it was necessary to combine speed and precision.

No less than 80 shooters from 14 countries were represented, including Australia, the United States, Puerto Rico, France, Guyana, Martinique, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Saint Martin….

With very technical courses and a level of competition to say the least, our Saint-Martin shooters have once again distinguished themselves. Well done to them!

The results :

• Gold Medal in Standard Overall: Laurent Renault

• Bronze Medal in Open Senior: Pierre  Corassandjian

• Junior Bronze Medal: Ticky pinsot

Bronze Medal in Standard Senior: Caneppele Thierry

• Bronze Medal in Standard Lady: Stephanie Caneppele

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