TENNIS: Young people make the colors of TCISM shine!


Between the convincing victory of Noah Visnelda obtained at the Saint-Barthélemy tournament and the great performances achieved by Pierre Assier De Pompignan, Giorgio Costa and Kylian Lentz Ziani in the Lyon region, it is clear that the Tennis Club Ile de Saint-Martin has beautiful days ahead!

Honor to the youngest! Engaged in the “Green” category at the Saint-Barth Tennis Club tournament, the hope of the Tennis Club Ile de Saint-Martin, Noah Visnelda produced a great performance by obtaining his first victory of his young and promising career. The next generation of Saint-Martin tennis continues to progress thanks to the entire TCISM team, the skills and unfailing involvement of coaches Loïc Bernard and Jean-Louis Virolan, supervised as it should be by President Osé Saint-Louis Gabriel.


TCISM present at the All In Academy of a certain Jo Wilfried Tsonga

Still in TCISM news, Pierre Assier De Pompignan, Giorgio Costa and Kylian Lentz Ziani played several tournaments over twenty days in the Lyon region. All three achieved good performances, synonymous with progression in their respective rankings. The three representatives of the Tennis Club Ile de Saint-Martin also had the chance to discover during a tournament the All in Academy in Lyon Décines, a high-level tennis training, internship and coaching structure supervised by the champion Frenchman, Jo Wilfried Tsonga and former professional player, Thierry Ascione.

Faced with strong opponents, the young Saint-Martin residents delivered great performances, notably Kylian Lentz Ziani who managed to pass three rounds after well-conducted matches. Congratulations to him and his comrades for the encouraging results obtained in Lyon.

To be complete, the TCISM will see you at the end of November for the Unification Cup, a competition which brings together Saint-Martin, Anguilla, and Sint Maarten.

For the record, Saint-Martin won the first edition, Anguilla the second, so the third edition should keep all its promises! _AF

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