Solidarity: The champion of surfing, Maud Lecar launches a call for donations!


Native of Saint-Martin, the champion of surfing, Maud Lecar wishes to raise funds to help the reconstruction of the clubs of the "Friendly Island"!

The young Saint-Martin, Maud Lecar recently published on her YouTube channel, a video to support "her native island".

“Six months have passed since Irma ravaged the northern islands of the Caribbean. The damage caused is of such magnitude on my native island of Saint-Martin that it is only gradually that we recover. But it is with extraordinary courage and monstrous work that the inhabitants who stayed behind lead the fight to rebuild our little paradise with the hope of making it an even better place, ”explains the champion of surfing.

Being far away and feeling helpless, Maud Lecar decided to create an association in order to raise funds to help the reconstruction of surf clubs in Saint Martin and the purchase of equipment, "where [it] started" to practice this sport. "It seems essential to the balance of young people and ocean enthusiasts to be able to continue to surf and smile," she says. And to raise awareness about her cause, Maud Lecar wanted to make a video clip when she returned to Saint-Martin.

An online kitty has been opened on the Hello Asso platform.

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