SINT MAARTEN: A cleaning lady asks for $ 49 in compensation from her boss


Early 2000 years  a woman is employed by a partly Dutch cleaning company. She is paid US $ 5,15 per hour to provide cleaning services to the company's customers. In April last year, she did not receive her salary. The employee will receive her remuneration for April in November. But the November salary is not paid.

At the end of December 2020, the boss informed his employee by telephone of his desire to terminate the contract between them and summons her a few days later, but the interview was canceled at the last minute and does not give more information.

A few days later, the employee then sends a letter to her employer to inform him of her shortcomings and her inability to pay wages, to provide pay slips and schedules on time. She further admits that she “cannot remain in the dark about her future with the company. The actions of your company constitute grounds for immediate termination of the employment contract for urgent reasons, ”she wrote to him. And asks him for compensation of 49 USD.

The Sint Maarten court must consider the case. It is advisable for him to clarify the conditions of the termination of the contract, to see if the payslips were correctly drawn up and submitted and finally to see if the requested compensation is due.


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