Breakdown and development of primary school students between 2019 and 2020 (end)


As of October 2020, public schools are welcoming 71 fewer students compared to 2019 at the same time. In CP, the number of students is 420, in elementary classes 943 and middle classes 936. It is in CM2 that the number of students is greatest (483) and in CP that it is the highest. less (420). Compared to 2019, CP lost 61 students, CM1 26 and CE1 4. Conversely, CM2 gained 7 children and CE2 13.

The largest establishments in terms of numbers are Marie-Amélie Leydet, Hervé Williams and Elie Gibs, with 379, 342 and 316 students respectively. The smallest establishment is Marie-Antoinette Richards with 127 students.

The number of students per class in elementary school varies from 14,9 at Aline Hanson and 15,78 at Clair Saint-Maximin to 21,2 at Marie-Antoinette Richards to 20,13 at Elie Gibbs. The drop in enrollment (-18 students) and the creation of two classes at Elie Gibs in 2020 made it possible to lower the average by 4,16 (20,13 against 24,29).


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