Miss Saint-Martin / Saint-Barthélemy: And the winner is… Layla Berry!


The 5rd edition of the election of Miss Saint-Martin / Saint-Barthélemy took place on Saturday evening, on the stage of the Rockhouse, in Port de Plaisance. More than two hours of show that kept the public in suspense, to discover the Miss who will represent the Northern Islands at the next Miss France 2020 election in Marseille.

The jury, made up of five people, was spoiled for choice to choose the winner and representative of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy. The show was hosted by Ada Sarolia and David Eugène, and during which glitter, glamor, dreams and magic were in the spotlight, to the delight of the audience.

Five candidates were present to succeed Allison Georges, the Miss Saint-Martin / Saint-Barthélemy 2018.

Amandine Gassant, Cassandre Martin and Tanaya Charles were from Saint-Martin, while Saint-Barthélemy was represented by Layla Berry and Florence Blanchard.

On the theme of world carnivals, the five candidates made three passages, first in traditional costume, swimsuit and evening dress. Passages that were interspersed with various shows.

In the end, Amandine Gassant, Florence Blanchard, Tanaya Charles and Cassandre Martin are declared, respectively, 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st Dauphine, while Saint-Barth, Layla Berry, 19, becomes Miss Saint-Martin / Saint-Barthélemy .

She will thus represent the Northern Islands during the next election of Miss France 2019, but before Layla Berry will travel to Tahiti in the company of the other contenders for the title. _RM

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