LITERATURE: A captivating meeting organized on July 9 with the famous writer, Lasana M. Sekou


On Sunday, July 9 at 16 p.m., at the quaint Tiki Pool Bar on Cay Hill, near Sint Maarten Hospital, an exclusive meet and greet will take place: the first Sip & Chat featuring famed writer Lasana M. Sekou, at the occasion of Caribbean Literature Day, which will explore his deeply thoughtful book, “Love Songs Make You Cry”.

The United Women Book Club, known for its commitment to fostering a love of literature and empowering women through knowledge, organized this event to provide a unique opportunity for attendees to delve into the rich diversity of St. Martin. Sekou's masterfully told stories in "Love Songs Make You Cry" deftly transport readers to the St. Martin of yore, while seamlessly connecting with the modern sensibilities of today's audiences. His lively and evocative stories will undoubtedly touch all those who have the pleasure of discovering his work.

The Sip & Chat promises to be an enriching and profound experience, providing a platform for literature enthusiasts to explore the complex narratives presented in 'Love Songs Make You Cry'. Whether reminiscing on the St. Martin of yore or exploring universal human emotions subtly woven into the stories, attendees will be deeply immersed in a profound literary journey. Admission: $10 or €10.  _AF

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