The 3rd edition of the SXM SWIMRUN 2023 will take place this Sunday, April 30


Five long years have passed since the previous edition of this competition, which combines running and swimming, organized by the "Tous à l'Ô" association, which is joining forces this year with the Saint-Barth Triathlon club so that athletes from two islands compete in the same challenge. 

With a first event which took place in Saint-Barth this Sunday, April 23, the grand final of the Northern Islands challenge will be held on Sunday, April 30 with a course somewhat different from the 2018 competition. Important precision, the title de champion is for teams that have already taken part in the Saint-Barthélemy challenge provided that the two members of the pair are residents of the Northern Islands. Saint-Martin athletes are cordially invited to participate in the competition on April 30 to win the Saint-Martin event. In other words, it is not compulsory to have participated in the Saint-Barth event to win the Saint-Martin competition. Each event (Saint-Barth and Saint-Martin) has its own time classification. The concept remains the same: travel in pairs (women, men or mixed) a varied route alternating running and swimming.

In pure team cohesion, the entire route must be carried out by the two members of the pair, keeping a maximum distance of ten meters. The two team members must wear their equipment throughout the duration of the event (pull-buoy/float, swimming paddles, goggles and swimming cap). Boris Villemin, from the Tous à l'Ô association, strongly advises athletes to keep their shoes on for swimming. Fins are allowed to increase one's chances of moving faster through the water, provided they are worn while running. This Sunday, April 23 at SBH, the participants attacked, from 6am, a 16,3km course starting from the heights of Colombier to Nikki Beach. The final doubled as a local event will take place on Sunday April 30 in Saint-Martin at the end of which the winning pair of the competition and the winning team of the Saint-Martin event will be designated. The start will be given from Galisbay at 6 am for a first 30km race which will bring the athletes to the beach of Friar's Bay. Swimming will take over for 1km to Happy Bay where a second run will be launched towards Grand-Case. The following phases of running & swimming will go through Petite Plage, Anse Marcel and Mont Vernon to reach the finish line at Coco Beach in Orient Bay. Registration is open to people who hold a license from the French Triathlon Federation or a competition pass, at the Trisport store and at the One Love store. Count 12€ for the costs. A bus will leave from Coco Beach, partner of the competition, to bring the participants from Galisbay. Another sure promise of a great sports festival!  _VX

Info: 06 90 65 96 83

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