Jogging, gyms ... the deconfinement plan for amateur sport


During a working meeting with the main players in sport last Friday, the Ministry of Sports unveiled proposals for deconfinement, in particular for the practice of amateur or general public sport. If the French should be able to “run, walk and roll” outdoors from May 11, they will have to be a little more patient for more intensive activities.

Good news for those crazy about running or pedaling: they may be able to start swallowing kilometers of asphalt again from May 11. In any case, this is what the Ministry of Sports wants. During a working meeting with the main players in the sporting world organized last Friday (the report of which was unveiled by the French Federation of Underwater Studies and Sports), the latter indeed listed several proposals of deconfinement, some of which concern the practice of amateur or general public sport.

Green light for individual outdoor sports, but what about group activities?

The first thing to remember concerns individual outdoor sport: the French should be able to “run, walk and ride” outdoors in “normal” conditions from May 11, said the ministry. Either from the start of the national deconfinement announced by the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron. It remains to be seen whether this proposal also concerns outdoor activities with several people, such as tennis for two, or a small football match between friends on an open ground. The document does not say so.

For city dwellers (and not only), the reopening of sports halls should be done in several stages, since for the EAPS (establishments of physical or sports activities), the ministry evokes a “progressive” strategy of reopening of the equipment appearing on a ministerial list from May 11, and a “complete” reopening of facilities from June 15.

For clubs and associations, no return to normal before the start of the school year

As for the various clubs and sports associations, the ministry is also proposing a recovery in three stages. From May 11 to June 15, only associations working in a school setting could resume their activities. And this to allow the duplication of classes (half of the students in class, the other in sport). From June 15, all associations that so wish could then resume their activities in small groups. The ministry is apparently proposing to set a limit at 30 people.

It is only at the start of the sporting school year, in August or September, that a return to normal activities is mentioned. Normal, or almost, since health measures and social distancing rules could still be in force. And obviously should be respected.

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