UNUSUAL: Two cyclists draw the Olympic rings on their GPS


The two athletes traveled more than 2.000 kilometers to draw the five rings ahead of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games with the aim of breaking the record for the largest GPS Drawing, as a team.

Guillaume Koudlansky de Lustrac and Vincent Brémond left under the Eiffel Tower at the end of last January and returned to their starting point ten days later after a journey of exactly 2.196km by bike. They published the result of their route on Strava (application for recording sports activities on GPS), five pretty circles crossing Ile-de-France and the departments south of Paris. The drawing was completed in 96 hours and 11 minutes, or 4 full days of uninterrupted cycling. In terms of constraints, we had to go exclusively to the south of the capital of France. Then, we never had to pass through the same place, which proved complex given that the GPS sometimes imposed forbidden directions. As a result, the first circle was started on the first day and finished on the last... The Guinness Book of Records has yet to verify and authenticate their work, but this could well be the new record for the largest GPS drawing made on a bicycle in team. As the Global Cycling Network (GCN) reminds us, this would be the third time that French people have broken the record in this category. In October 2022, four men broke the record by drawing a velociraptor while covering 1.024km. In August 2023, a father and his daughter stole the show by drawing a heart in tandem over 2.162km, only 34km apart from the Olympic rings. The duo, who met during the Race Across France 2021 (Mandelieu-la-Napoule – Le Touquet Paris-Plage), received the support of many people in their project, as well as from the association “Le sport a du heart ". The idea of ​​their challenge was also to highlight this association, which fights against precariousness and helps athletes in difficulty while raising funds via an online prize pool. “We know we will probably never go to the Olympics, but we celebrated the event in our own way,” said Guillaume Koudlansky of Lustrac, also the record holder for the fastest marathon run in reverse. “Use the Olympics as an excuse to do more sport and move, even if it’s just to draw a 5km letter on a bike.” Vincent Bremond was an aeronautics engineer. Now in the process of retraining, he could well become a “professional adventurer”, having already completed Paris – Casablanca by bike (3.180km).

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