Increase in the number of bank accounts at SXM


The departure of many residents of the island after the passage of Irma was reflected in banking activity. 

In 2017, the number of bank accounts fell by 3,7% with almost 1 fewer accounts compared to 310. Conversely, returns and arrivals in 2016 contributed to further growth in banking activity: the number of accounts amounted to 2018, ie 35 more than in 733 and 1 more than in 514. More than 2017% are ordinary accounts (demand deposits.

In 2018, banks opened 597 new ordinary accounts (demand deposits), 1 new passbook accounts and closed 029 home savings accounts and 25 term deposit accounts. The number of home savings accounts (CEL and PEL) is almost stable compared to 85 (-2017%) but is clearly down compared to 0,9 (-2016%).

Youth booklets are down for the third consecutive year: 783 are recorded in 2018 against 897 in 2017. (

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