Gendarmerie: Captain Maignan leaves Saint-Martin for the Yvelines


Thursday, June 29, the gendarmes organized the departure pot for Captain Emmanuel Maignan at Grand Saint-Martin.

Emmanuel Maignan arrived on August 2, 2014 in Saint-Martin as second assistant officer and was since summer 2015 the first assistant to the commander. At the same time, he welcomed Major Sébastien Manzoni and his second deputy, Captain Régis Turlan-Arto. “In the end, for two years, our triptych worked wonderfully. If I am the ugly, Régis is the bully and you are definitely the good, ”commented Major Manzoni. I'm leaving with a well-filled backpack, ”he said. From August 1, he will join as first assistant the gendarmerie company of Mantes-la-jolie in the Yvelines which he will take command in the summer of 2018. He will leave his office and his accommodation in Saint-Martin to Captain Turlan-Arto who will thus become first deputy. Captain Maignan is indeed known, not only for his efficiency (it is partly thanks to him that delinquency has declined a lot in Saint-Martin), but also for his sympathy and his humanity. Colonel Descoux praised his ability to "unite energies", and said that "this young officer is the symbol of the next generation". Emmanuel Maignan then spoke and retraced his professional and personal journey in Saint-Martin where he learned a lot.

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