MISCELLANEOUS: A mother abused by her ex-partner: heading to prison for her attacker


After a good time spent at the Christmas parade with her children, Saturday, December 17 was to be a happy day for this mother. But on his return, his ex-partner shows up at his home and, against a background of disagreement, gives him a violent blow before leaving the premises.

Showing traces, and being afraid of the renewal of the acts, the mother of the family contacts the gendarmerie who goes on the spot and immediately initiates a procedure for aggravated violence on spouse. The individual knowing that he was wanted presented himself to the brigade the day after the incident. During the search of his home, a large number of weapons were found despite a ban on detention already pronounced by the courts. For all these facts, the respondent was tried on Tuesday, December 20 at the court of Basse-Terre. Found guilty, he was sentenced to 12 months in prison with a warrant of committal at the end of the hearing. “This case is emblematic of the criminal acts observed on the island. It includes violence within the couple and the possession of weapons, two scourges which the gendarmerie and the justice system have made it a priority. Proof of this is with the speed of the investigation and the deliberation of the judgment",  affirms Lieutenant-Colonel, Maxime Wintzer-Wehekind who continues: “Victims of intra-family violence must know that the services of the state will treat their case as a priority to put their executioner out of harm's way”.

As for the holders of weapons on the island, the chief of the gendarmes affirms not to be resigned in front of the scale of the task and that the gendarmerie will hunt them down relentlessly. _AF

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