ULTRAMARINE STUDENTS: Travel assistance for higher studies increases to 100%!


From now on, all overseas students (DROM-COM) eligible for the Study Mobility Passport (PME) will benefit from full coverage of their return journey to their place of study.

After the implementation last November of PME+ (2nd return ticket covered for new high school graduates), the second flagship measure dedicated to students, planned within the framework of the CIOM, was not long in coming. From now on, the grant will no longer be a criterion for evaluating the level of LADOM support. All post-BAC students, pursuing their higher studies in mobility, due to saturation or the non-existence of the studies targeted, will be able to benefit from a boost from LADOM.

This assistance, accessible under conditions of resources, will take the form of 100% financing of one return plane ticket per year, in economy class, for the entire duration of studies.

Before this new State decision, students eligible for PME, but not on scholarships, benefited from 50% support.

Furthermore, from the start of the 2024/2025 university year, the maximum age to benefit from the PME system increases to 28 years (compared to 26 years). In 2023, more than 10 students from DROM-COM will have access to this system. To benefit from it, students must connect to ladom.fr. _AF


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