The Center for Animation, Resources and Information on Training (CARIF) and the Territorial Observatory for Employment and Training (OTEF), a management tool now located in Saint-Martin, support the services of the of the State and the Community in the deployment of public policies related to vocational training and the creation of a Single Window for training.

As part of its missions, CARIF-OTEF will soon implement the 1st catalog of training and apprenticeships identified in the territory of Saint-Martin. Ludovic Bertrand, Director of the CARIF-OREF Network (RCO), and Ophélie Costenoble, data-analyst, are currently present on our territory, as part of the strategic support of overseas CARIF-OREFs. A working meeting took place on Thursday August 31, 2023 in the presence of the 3rd Vice-President of the COM, Dominique Démocrite Louisy, and Fabien Sésé, Secretary General of the Prefecture.

In application of the decree of June 22, 2021, the CARIF-OTEF of Saint-Martin is responsible for referencing and disseminating the territory's vocational training offer so that it is accessible to the public on computer tools, such as those of Pôle Employment, Aude Formation, Kairos, La Bonne Formation, La Bonne Alternance and academic services such as Affelnet and Parcoursup. To date, there is no provision of the overall training offer on the territory of Saint-Martin. The objective is therefore to create this online catalog so that it will be operational from 2024. The activation of CARIF-OTEF as a central management platform in the territory, therefore represents a crucial challenge for the Collectivity and its partners, for the benefit young people and job seekers residing in Saint-Martin. To meet this challenge, the Collectivity and the Prefecture, with the support of the Department of Economy, Employment, Labor and Solidarity (DEETS) of Guadeloupe, have been engaged in this process since May 2022. GIP CARIF-OTEF will thus increase the visibility and analysis of the training offer over the period 2023-2025, knowing that the data collected will concern employment, training, apprenticeship, skills development, vocational guidance and integration, on the territory of Saint-Martin. By setting up CARIF-OTEF and increasing its missions in the territory of Saint-Martin, the President of the Collectivity, Louis Mussington, the Delegate Prefect, Vincent Berton, and their respective teams, are part of a voluntary approach of information and proximity to users, through the creation of a one-stop training counter, which allows them on the one hand to have real visibility on the existing systems in terms of professional training, as well as on all the training offered in the territory of Saint-Martin. A real tool for the development of local employment. _VX


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