Micro-pavement Déconfinement is synonymous with a certain newfound freedom. What do you intend to do first?


Like the national territory, the population of Saint-Martin found a certain freedom on this first day of deconfinement. The opportunity for us to meet and question the inhabitants of Saint-Martin on their vision of this famous day of deconfinement and the days to come.

Sylvie (manager of a laundromat)

“After two difficult months, we all find a certain freedom to move around and especially to resume our professional activity. I sincerely hope that Saint-Martin will be able to overcome this difficult ordeal, particularly from an economic point of view. For my part, the closing of bars, restaurants and rental villas penalizes me a lot. We will have to hang on and take our pain patiently. ”

Yoan (trader)

“It's always nice to find some freedom after long weeks spent in confinement at home. We can now travel wherever we want without having to present the famous certificate. Now we must remain vigilant. The game is not yet won, far from it. The virus is still present on the island. It is up to us to be vigilant and to protect ourselves by respecting the health regulations ”.

Michel (restorer)

“Personally, May 11 doesn't mean much. As a restaurateur, I am always waiting to resume my professional activity. And especially under what conditions? We restaurateurs are impatiently awaiting the green light from the Prefecture to reopen our establishments. One thing is certain, nothing will be the same as before. The task looks difficult! "

Yann (butcher)                   

“For me, May 11 is synonymous with the return of traffic jams to Saint-Martin! Somewhere, it also means that the island is beginning to regain some activity. This is a very good economic thing even if bars, cafes and restaurants have still not received permission to reopen.

Otherwise, I will be able to resume the running assiduously. As for club activities, we will have to wait a while longer! "

Natacha (baker)

"Whether it is deconfinement or not, we must always be extremely vigilant. I learned that a new case was detected last weekend in the French part. Like what the virus is still present with us. From a personal point of view, I hope that the clientele will be back very quickly. The closure of schools is really detrimental to our activity ”.

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