Construction: Visit to the Collège 900 construction site


This Thursday, December 21, Prefect Vincent Berton invited the press for a second site visit to the 900 digital college in Savane.

An information meeting on the progress of the work was first held in the presence of the prefect Vincent Berton, Fabien Sésé, secretary general of the prefecture, Christian Climent-Pons, project director to the rector of the academy of Guadeloupe and responsible for monitoring the reconstruction of the education system of Saint-Martin, Émilie Nahon, project director of sustainable and resilient development, Olivier Paccou, project manager – GTM Antilles and representatives of the architectural firm IDP Antilles . As a reminder, the laying of the first stone of college 900 took place on April 17. With a total budget of €34M, 18 of which are financed by the State, the future school will accommodate 900 students from 6th to 3rd grade and will be equipped with 7 bioclimatic buildings of 5400m2 whose roofs will be covered with 800m2 of photovoltaic panels, 31 classrooms, a multimedia room equipped with digital equipment, school life premises, a refectory with a central kitchen, a documentation and information center (CDI), a gymnasium, administrative premises, 4 staff accommodations, a cyclone shelter with 600 places in the basement and secure parking for emergency vehicles. The work on building A is progressing according to schedule, with a workforce of around fifty people on the site. In partnership with Fore IDN, eight young people in integration are part of the team to compensate for the lack of labor but above all to train them for a lasting future and qualified employment. If 3 young people have given up since the start of the work, the remaining eight are on a 14-month work-study contract, spread over several sites. 100.000 hours of work were carried out for the structural work with 9000m3 of concrete. On land control relating to the development of college 900, the prefecture services declare that the owners are sellers and that the files are in the process of being completed. Located near the national road, the flood zone was raised by one meter, the additional cost could be covered thanks to the Barnier fund provided for the prevention of major natural risks. With a bio-environmental upgrade, College 900 will be self-sufficient in electricity and rainwater recycling. The visit to the site made it possible to visualize the progress of the structural work on the ground, and from the top of the 15m crane, with a breathtaking view of the Savane district and surrounding areas. The reception of the new middle school 900 is scheduled for September 2025 with a reserve deadline concerning the finishes for the return of students to January 2026. _VX


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