Bethany Home: reconstruction is underway…


The senior residents of Bethany Home are gradually returning to a more normal daily organization, while the work continues.

When Irma struck, the 35 seniors at Bethany Home had all been invited to move to the lower floors of the facility, located in Galisbay. Fortunately, because the roofs of the EHPAD - accommodation establishment for dependent elderly people - did not withstand the onslaught of the wind. Consequence: the reception capacity has increased from 40 beds to 33.

Quickly, several residents were evacuated to Guadeloupe, by decision of the Regional Health Agency (ARS), and were replaced by elderly people whose homes were no longer habitable. A few weeks after the cyclone passed, on the decision of President Daniel Gibbs, the roof was temporarily repaired, allowing daily life to resume its course. "I have to congratulate the EHPAD staff," insists Annette Philips, territorial councilor and president of Bethany Home, "they all answered the call, even if they were going through difficult times, and did not count their efforts. They are people with heart and who love their work. ”

End of works in September 2019

Repair work started in October 2018, continues today and should be completed in September 2019. It involves redoing the roofs, replacing wooden joinery with aluminum and replacing all the doors of the bedrooms. At the same time, work is underway in the kitchen to improve production and hygiene conditions. During this time, meals are prepared in the hospital kitchens and delivered on site, with the support of EHPAD staff. Security requires, the fence has been replaced. "We are trying to gradually return to a normal life," agrees Jean-Marie Marchais, the director of EHPAD, who deplores the economic deficit caused by the consequences of the hurricane, when the establishment had found a good financial health. On the other hand, he is delighted to soon be able to welcome new residents. 

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