ARTS / Zincart artistic project: Iron Man is adorned with his finery


The gigantic sculpture of Iron Man is slowly coming to life, it's time to find Zincart who has been busy since the beginning of his unique artistic project.

This large-scale artistic project was born during the year 2021, the craftsman roofer zinc but above all sculptor Zincart put his suitcase of tools in the enclosure of the Tribute Hotel in Baie Nettlé to build a sculpture of Iron Man, almost 4 meters high, which will sit proudly in the gardens of the Art Hotel. After making the entire wooden body of the superhero, the dressing of the armor made of copper and brass has progressed well. With more than 2000 pieces for a work of art that will be waterproof, the long-term work is meticulous and the artist has an eye for detail. Iron Man's head (Mark 45 XLV) is equipped with a motion sensor that will allow him to move as the public passes by and the iconic shoes of the Marvel character, each measuring 85 centimeters, will light up with smoke projection to give a little more sensation to this unique sculpture which will rest on a metal base in the shape of the famous A of the Avengers, a rectangular cube which will house the technical room for ventilation and robotics. Many curious people follow the evolution of sculpture and do not hesitate to visit the workshop of the roofing craftsman, always delighted to welcome enthusiasts. Zincart is also the author of other remarkable artistic works such as the mermaid in copper, tinned copper and zinc. This unique piece of 150 cm high and 105 cm long weighs 70 kgs with a wingspan from head to tail of 240 cm. Exhibited in Saint-Barthélemy in the past, it is now visible at the Hommage Hôtel and for sale. To acquire this unique piece, a real invitation to an underwater journey, contact 06 90 37 59 91. _VX

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