Jeffry / Benet / Health Observatory case: the prosecution requested fines with and without suspension


The case involving Louis Jeffry and Arnaud Benet in their respective capacity as president and director of the health observatory was first called on May 16, 2019 but several dismissals had been ordered. And it was finally last Thursday that she was examined by the local court of Saint-Martin. They are accused of breach of trust. Louis Jeffry is also being prosecuted for illegal taking of an interest in another context.

At the bar of the court, they explained that the expenses concerned were rejected because of "drafting errors" in the agreements by the legal service of the Collectivity. The deputy prosecutor did not request a specific sentence and "left it to the judgment of the court" on this aspect of the case. A suspended fine of 5 euros was required against Arnaud Benet for not having appointed an auditor.

At the same time, Louis Jeffry was on trial for illegal taking of interest. He is accused of having been involved in both parts of an agreement signed by the hospital center.

For the representative of the prosecution, Louis Jeffry "had the solution to put an end to the conflict of interest", "he could at least have spoken to the management of the hospital, which he did not do". He requested against him a fine of 53 euros corresponding to the salaries he received from the hospital during the period of prevention, to perform these various missions as well as a penalty of ineligibility for five years and the publication of his conviction at his own expense in local newspapers.

The health observatory was also prosecuted as a legal person but no penalty was required against it.

The hospital center is a civil party and is asking for 336 euros in damages, all damages combined. The Collectivity also became a civil party but requested the dismissal on civil interest.

The court reserved the judgment. It will be returned on November 18.

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