10th conviction for drinking and driving: he asks Jesus Christ to "give him a second chance"


JT, who will be 55 years old next month, is summoned for the tenth time before the local court of Saint-Martin for having driven without a license and under the influence of alcohol on April 1.

That day he drank a glass of "very strong alcohol" because he has "problems with his wife". He gets behind the wheel of his car and honks several times. His behavior challenges the gendarmes who control him at Galisbay. The soldiers observe that the individual speaks incoherently, smells of alcohol, has trouble standing up and has glazed eyes. A blood alcohol test is carried out and will reveal the presence of 1,33 mg of alcohol per liter of exhaled air, the regulatory threshold being 0,25. The gendarmes also note that the driver's French driving license has been canceled by the courts.

At the helm, the defendant confirms that since the facts “having started a purge”, that someone calls him twice a day to check his condition and assures that he has the will to change. "I asked Jesus to give me one last chance," he says. And to specify that he “drinks, as the doctor told him, non-alcoholic beer”. His counsel provides the court with the doctor's certificate.

The prosecution which considers that JT is "a public danger on the road", requires a sentence of one year of adaptable prison, a prohibition to pass the driving license for six months and a fine of 1 euros.

After deliberation, the court pronounces a sentence of one year in prison including six months accompanied by a probationary suspension of two years including the obligation to follow care, a fine of 2 euros and the prohibition to pass the driving license for six months.

Before leaving the courtroom, JT still asks the prosecutor and the judge if he can still drive his scooter because he cannot walk to work, his foot is swollen. (more details on www.soualigapost.com)

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