Works: Water towers, questions / answers with SAUR


In the form of a question and answer, the SAUR provides details on the water towers currently in force in the territory, as part of the rehabilitation of the drinking water production plant.

  Why are you setting up these water towers?

For the past month, renovation work carried out by the company commissioned by the EEASM has been underway on the drinking water production tool, the UPEP, in Galisbay. Ultimately, this renovation will allow an increase in production capacity and secure the service. However, and quite logically, this work has an impact on the volumes produced. In order not to endanger the public water supply service, sectoral cuts are therefore carried out during the works. The water towers make it possible to maintain the service to the greatest number.

  What are the objectives of these water towers?

To maintain the water supply service, SAUR is working on four major axes:

- Maintaining a sufficient level in the Galisbay reservoirs,

- Maintaining operational levels in the Mont des Accords and Morne Valois reservoirs,

- Interventions as quickly as possible on leaks on the public network,

- Very strict compliance with contractual deadlines for work on the water production tool.

  Why are some sectors not cut?

Certain sectors on the territory of the Collectivity of Saint-Martin are not concerned by the water towers. These are sectors in which hospital, medical or medico-social structures are located, as well as sectors where schools are located (on this second point, water towers can intervene during weekends or holidays. school). Other sectors cannot be cut for technical reasons: the networks are particularly weakened and would not support the pressure variations linked to the cuts / refueling (continuation and end in our next edition).


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  1. Girard May 25, 2021 at 07:56 pm Reply

    72 hours since there is no more water in the Bellevue sector ???? yes, i saw construction sunday on a leak. But here we are Tuesday morning and still nothing. A trickle of water with the rice dz floor but above, nothing. All this is scandalous 5 days before the start of the hurricane season. Why don't you have mobile means to produce more… You have a contractual obligation for services.

  2. GUY ANAIS May 25, 2021 at 18:29 pm Reply

    How can you cut off a tourist sector like the ORIENTAL BAY for more than 3 hours? It is the death of the dominant sector of the economy of our country. INADMISSIBLE !!! and IRESSPONSIBLE !!!

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