Press and Media Week: Budding journalists from the Marie-Amélie Leydet school in the spotlight!


Associated with the 32nd edition of the Press and Media Week, FaxInfo has decided to put on its “ONE” today the work carried out by the students of the CM2 B class of the Marie-Amélie Leydet school , directed by their teacher, Mrs. C. GONZAGUE, around the theme "Handicap and Tolerance".


The school trains the citizens of tomorrow. Learning to respect each other, learning to understand the world around us, developing compassion and empathy are necessary to train the generations of tomorrow. It is in this perspective that the project of this class fits.

Organized work

It is organized around 3 axes: a presentation on disability in general and its management followed by a survey carried out within their school in order to identify students with disabilities and their care. This same survey will be carried out on the scale of the island with the visit of an association. The project will lead to the production of a comic strip.

How do you deal with disability at school?

To answer this question, the students interviewed the teacher E of the school, Mr LOUGLANEY Didier, a specialist teacher since 2015.

Question: What is your profession?

Reply : They call me Master E. I take care of the pedagogy (ie how to learn). I offer tools and techniques to students to better reflect and better understand. I work with the school psychologist.

Question: How do you work specifically with students with disabilities?

Reply : With the psychologist, we try to identify significant intellectual disorders in order to direct them to specialized structures such as the Departmental House of Handicapped Persons (MDPH) or the Localized Units for School Inclusion (ULIS).

Indeed, the teaching team, which consists of the director, teachers, specialized teachers of the school psychologist, parents and possibly the school doctor and school nurse, meets to identify  the needs of students with disabilities and offer them various solutions while at the same time  adapting to school.

You should know that all children, whether they are disabled or not, have the right to an education. The reception and schooling of students in a situation of  handicap help to develop a positive view of differences for all.

Some numbers !

The Marie-Amélie LEYDET school has 374 students including 14 disabled students, which represents 3,74% of the school's students. There are 9 in CP, 2 in CE1, 1 in CE2, 2 in CM1 and 0 in CM2. These students benefit from specific support: working time arrangement, educational differentiation, presence of AESH (Support for Students with Disabilities).

What about the fittings?

To find out more about the arrangements, the students questioned the director, Mrs. S. MALHERBES. The school is surrounded by various access ramps, some of which were not rebuilt after Cyclone Irma. In addition, given the configuration of the school, stairlifts are lacking in order to allow students with disabilities to access the library and the classes located on the first floor.

• Have a disability, it is complicated. ADAPT, BE TOLERANT!

A big BRAVO to the students of the CM2 B class of the Marie-Amélie Leydet school

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