Politics: "In 2020, we are no longer talking about reconstruction but development"


That in 2020, "we are no longer talking about the reconstruction of Saint-Martin, but really about the development of our island", such is the wish expressed by the president of the community in the preamble to the territorial council meeting last Friday.

"Besides, you could see it by consulting the agenda which is proposed to you today, the economic files [linked to tourism, note] will occupy the major part of our exchanges", he specified . “I hope that this year, our ambition for our island, our ambition for the inhabitants will be truly translated into facts (…) 2020 will be a year of change. The wheel is spinning for everyone! ”He insisted.

If in 2018, Daniel Gibbs had regretted not being able to present "a combat but reconstruction budget", this year, he ensures this time that "2020 will be a combat year". He should certainly present his projects later today during the ceremony of the vows to the living forces.

He also said that he intended to "redouble his efforts to bring our administration up to standard" and entrusted this mission to the Director General of Services. “We want a solid administration, modernized and recognized in its know-how. For this, an appropriate organization is essential. This therefore requires a stabilized organization chart. We have therefore engaged for several months in recruiting, both internal, through the promotion of our executives already in place,  and externally when the desired level of expertise is not available, ”added the president.

"This substantive work is essential to implement our policies as we wish," he agrees.


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  1. Muller Manual February 4, 2020 at 10:20 am Reply

    Hello from 1998 then I come to sxm for the holidays from July to 2019 I saw the number of sale housing and live in this sale I am very worried for it and for the people of it. Thank you and happy new year to you all

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