Omnisport: A Franco-Dutch tournament that has kept all its promises!


As part of the 373rd  anniversary of the Treaty of Concordia, the volleyball, basketball and football teams from both parts of the island met last Sunday at the sports complex of the Jean-Louis Vanterpool stadium in Marigot.

The various matches were played in an excellent state of mind, each team being motivated to win over the other.

Whether it is for the matches of Volleyball, Basketball and Football, the players of Saint-Martin and Sint Maarten offered a beautiful spectacle to the large public present in the respect of the sanitary rules.

For the record, out of the three competitions contested, our Dutch neighbors have won two victories to one.

Well done to them and to all the participants! _AF

The results : Volleyball: Saint-Martin wins 2-1

Basketball: Sint Maarten to win

Football: Sint Maarten wins 1-0


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