Establishment of a branch of the University of the Antilles in Saint-Martin


The university branch project corresponds to a capital step in the education and training policy of the Collectivity of Saint-Martin.

The shared desire of the president of the Collectivité and the president of the University of the Antilles, Michel Geoffroy,  spoke on October 6, 2022, during Louis Mussington's visit to the university's headquarters in Guadeloupe, subsequently approved in early November 2022, by the Director of Cabinet of the Minister of Higher Education and Research, during a visit by the President of the COM to Paris. By decision of the executive council of July 27, 2023, Louis Mussington is therefore authorized to sign an agreement between the University of the Antilles and the Collectivity, relating to the establishment of a branch of the said university on the territory of Saint-Martin which cruelly lacking educational structures of this ilk. The main challenge of the project, whose ramp-up will take place between 2023 and 2026, is to increase the local offer of post-baccalaureate training in order to offer young people the possibility of continuing their studies in their territory and to stem, as far as possible, the aforementioned exodus and sometimes without return to other university destinations. The first phase of the installation of the university branch is thus materialized by the establishment of continuing professional training for the year 2023-2024. A complete study on the needs of the territory is being written, in order to determine for the years to come the orientations and the training to be put in place. The delivery of this study is scheduled for September 2023. _VX

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