The Collectivité announces the implementation of an eco-district project in Spring-Concordia!


President Louis Mussington received the press on Monday, July 10, to present the Spring-Concordia eco-district project.

Based on a national concept, this new project carried by the term of office aims to work on the development of this administrative district, to give it its own identity and to improve the living environment of the inhabitants.

The socio-economic and environmental development of the Concordia district is at the heart of the project, with the well-being of the inhabitants as a common thread.

As Louis Mussington pointed out, "it is a question of enhancing the Concordia district by carrying out a reflection on its development in the short, medium and long term", according to the following criteria: the living environment of the inhabitants, the development of the district, essential structural equipment, public lighting, sports and cultural equipment, new technologies, events, the creation of green spaces, new signage and actions related to cleanliness and the protection of the environment and the development of sustainable activities.

“This development requires a partnership effort with the State, social landlords, telecommunications operators, associations, public and private actors in the district and of course, the inhabitants who are at the heart of the issues.

We are at the start of the project which will be rolled out gradually. Each step forward will be made through discussion and consultation. The first meetings with social landlords and operators have taken place in recent weeks and other meetings are scheduled,” underlines Louis Mussington.

The COM has undertaken several projects in this sector over the next two years:

– The renovation of the media library: in progress

– A public market for planting and beautifying green spaces: start at the end of 2023

– The installation of new vertical signage: start at the end of 2023

– Renovation of public lighting: the rehabilitation project will be launched at the end of 2023 for work to start in early 2024. (Temporary repairs are currently being carried out).

– Land management and the gradual rehabilitation of roads in the district

– New garbage rooms will be built by the beginning of 2024 by the technical services of the COM

– The new selective waste sorting terminals will be installed in the last quarter of 2023

– EDF has committed to renovating electrical transformers by the end of this year

– The Collectivity is in talks with the social landlords to rehabilitate the playgrounds.

“We have to support, work locally, develop sporting and cultural activities, with the help of local players. Create equipment and concrete actions. Associative life will also have to participate, ”said the president of the COM.

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