EVENT: The Bill Fish Tournament associated with the Heros Event


Saint Martin hosts one of the many international big game fishing tournaments, the Bill Fish Tournament. The competition attracts on average 30 to 35 powerful boats. The 21st edition takes place Friday and Saturday in Marigot with the collaboration of Caribbean Flavors which sets up the Food Festival. This year, this event is of an exceptional nature.

“Following the devastating passage of Hurricane Irma, we decided to create The Heros Event. This cultural event will be dedicated to the reconstruction of the island, but also to the consideration given to the merit of the contributors and the population who enabled the restoration and rapid recovery of the island ”, announces Caribbean Flavors.

The main objective of The Heros Event is "to honor all the participants who assisted our island to get up and face the difficulties caused by Irma, while promoting the development of the island by the determination of its inhabitants, the development of cultural, social and economic potential through inter and intra cultural exchanges ”.

Many local artists will occupy the stage from June 22 to 23.

Saturday June 23 will be the official day where all activities will start from 6 am.

During the morning, a traditional atmosphere will be recreated around the local Marigot market. Folk orchestras will accompany the public who will be entertained by various stands which will be exhibited in the cultural village that we are going to arrange for this occasion.


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