ECOLOGY / Access to water in Overseas France: the UN calls France to order


In a report published on June 2, the United Nations through its Committee on the Rights of the Child asks the French State to restore sanitation and access to drinking water in Overseas France, and particularly in Guadeloupe, where the situation is qualified as a health emergency.

UN experts are asking Paris to "provide children in France and overseas, in particular for the children of Mayotte and very urgently for the population of Guadeloupe, with drinking water while awaiting repair. water supply and drainage systems. Another problem pointed out by the authority, contamination with chlordecone, a pesticide now banned but used for many years in Caribbean agriculture. In 2018, 95% of Guadeloupeans had chlordecone in their blood. In this same report, in addition to the final recommendations addressed to France, the committee recommends granting reparation and compensation to all injured children, in particular those affected by chlordecone pollution. In Mayotte, where the water crisis is the result of the drought that is hitting the island and the dilapidated state of the facilities, which are undersized in relation to the population, around 30% of the population lives in accommodation without running water. However, being connected to the network does not guarantee a supply at the tap: the lack of water regularly pushes the authorities to impose water turns or cuts on inhabitants.

Process which is not foreign for the population of Saint-Martin… The reports of the UN on the subject are multiplying but do not oblige the French State to act. Notwithstanding its lack of sanctioning power, the UN hopes to push the government to act. _VX

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