UAE: Launch of the Galisbay factory extension project


Last Friday, Raphaël Sanchez, President of the Water and Sanitation Establishment of Saint-Martin (EEASM), invited the press to present the project to improve the production of drinking water in Saint-Martin.

In the presence of Louis Mussington, president of the Collectivity, Mélissa Nicolas-Rembotte, territorial director of SAUR Saint-Martin, Sébastien Gallego general director of EEASM and Nicolas Touzet, regional director of SAUR Antilles, Raphaël Sanchez recalled the commitment of the EEASM in partnership with the COM in resolving frequent disruptions to the water supply in the territory, with the major objective of ensuring constant and reliable distribution. In 2023, EEASM secured the Galisbay factory thanks to €2,4M financed 100% by European Funds. The deployment of the Mobile Treatment Unit (€1,2M) and the signing of a protocol with the Dutch part of the island aimed at opening the valves at the beginning of 2024 made it possible to compensate for the shortage in the event of an emergency . The two water points concerned by this interconnection with Sint Maarten are located on the border of Oyster Pond and Bellevue, the latest analysis results are expected shortly, the GEBE company would then be able to supply, under decree prefectural, the French part of the island of 2500m3 of water per day. Another important point, the balancing of the Galisbay reservoirs to the tune of €80.000 and the upcoming arrival of new high pressure pumps for an amount of €800.000 financed by the COM. Installation and implementation will take place at the beginning of 2024. January 19, 2024 also marks the official launch of the project to extend the Galisbay drinking water production plant, today described as “very very fragile”. , aiming to increase production capacity to around 12.000m3/day compared to 8.000m3 currently (production lower than demand). With a resilient and eco-responsible production plant, this approach aims to mitigate current interruptions and improve the quality of life of all Saint-Martin residents. On the planning side, the EEASM intends to award the Project Management Assistant (AMO) contract for a launch of the design and construction contract at the end of 2024. Notification of the contract will be made in mid-2025 with work starting at the end of next year. By mid-2027, the Galisbay plant expansion is expected to be completed and commissioned. Recent developments of course include the approval of the land reserve dedicated to the project, the submission of the drinking water production authorization file, financial discussions with investors and the publication of the AMO market. _VX


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