Chantal Vernusse: "time stands still and with it, our Grand Case Tuesdays"


"It's true, our hearts are big ... stopped in the middle of a parade."

But we face a global problem that is beyond us. So, I invite you to maintain your confidence, ”emphasizes Chantal, the organizer of the Mardis de Grand-Case.

We are doing this to protect ourselves and our island which has been living tirelessly for two years at the rate of its reconstruction.

Let's calm her down ...

Calm down ...


I invite you to optimize this time: repair, clean, work on new creations or just watch the sun go down or rise ...

For our part, on behalf of my entire team, we will remain focused on  our motivation to organize this beautiful party, hand in hand with all the restaurants, lolos, hotels and merchants of Grand Case.

We will be at the reopening of the Grand Case Tuesdays, which we hope for in April and you will be there too, to celebrate with us this new victory.

In the meantime, let us be responsible for ending contamination as quickly as possible, so that the only contamination that will soon spread, is that of the joy that we have been able to rekindle on the boulevard.

Thank you all, Chantal Vernusse, for the Mardis de Grand Case.


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