Clean-up campaign: more than 7.394 tonnes of waste collected in July


From July 8 to August 31, the major annual cleaning campaign set up by the Collectivity is already bearing fruit with the collection figure for the month of July reaching 7.394.145 kilos after recycling.

On Thursday, August 24, Bernadette Davis, 2nd VP of the Collectivity, Dominique Démocrite Louisy, 3rd VP, Senator Annick Pétrus and Marc Ménard, Territorial Councilor, went to Sandy Ground as part of the clean-up campaign to raise public awareness. population during this last week of extension. The president of the Sandy Ground On the Move Insertion association, Georges Richardson, partner of the cleanliness campaign, was also present as part of his intervention in the neighborhood. The association provides concrete help by contacting vulnerable people to collect their bulky items and deposit them in collective dumpsters. To help the population evacuate bulky items and green waste before the peak of the high hurricane season, the Collectivity has installed 14 collective dumpsters in the districts, until August 31. The service providers are then responsible for collecting bulky items and green waste, every evening from 20 p.m. Household waste is also collected every evening from 23 p.m. They must be deposited in the collective containers provided for this purpose, in closed garbage bags, from 18 p.m. These collections are operated by 3 different service providers within the framework of three separate public contracts for a total amount of approximately €300.000 spent by the COM in July 2023 for the collection of bulky items, green waste, Out-of-Life Vehicles (ELV ) and Sargassum algae. Just for the last month, 7.394.145 kilos of bulky items and green waste were collected, including 44.120 kilos directly deposited at the recycling center by individuals. The Collectivity wishes to go further and continue raising awareness throughout the year through media campaigns and actions in neighborhoods in contact with the population. Elected officials are studying the implementation of a call for projects aimed at associations and civic services who are ambassadors of cleanliness. Next year, the annual clean-up campaign will be extended from June 1 to August 31, with the aim of involving citizens more in the clean-up. Everyone must be aware of the importance of cleanliness, during the hurricane period but also throughout the year to preserve the tourist environment. The cleaning campaign will end this Thursday, August 31. Keep SXM clean. _VX


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