Support for taxis in Saint-Martin


Friday, December 8, metropolitan taxis will be mobilized to come to the aid of their colleagues from Saint-Martin and undertake to give their tips of the day to their colleagues.

This operation "Solidarité Taxis de Saint-Martin", was launched by Christian Vautenin with the support of Maggy Gumbs, the director of the CCISM, and Raymond Helligar. Christian Vautenin is a former driver and manager of an approved management center specializing in taxis from 1984 to 2010. He has visited Guadeloupe and Saint-Martin several times.

“When I saw the immensity of the damage, I understood that my taxi friends could not cope on their own and that their situation was becoming catastrophic. So I decided to appeal to the solidarity of the profession, ”he explains.

Christian Vautenin will come to Saint-Martin in early 2018 to hand over the checks to Saint-Martin taxis.

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