“Walk n 'Train”: politics works!


As every year, the Union for Democracy (UD) organized a march with its members and sympathizers. Last Saturday, around fifty people took part in this event, which kicked off at 5 am in Galisbay.

Politics have always liked the marches, whether it is during its great demands (the march of Martin Luther King) or more modestly, as on Saturday the “Walk n 'Train” of the UD. From Galisbay, participants climbed up to Morne Rambaud and Grand-Case, then took the customs path. They then returned from Friar's Bay to the starting point. The rain was pouring (enough to inspire political aspirations?) And it is good for the island whose drought worries. All the talents were put to contribution, from the athletes to the cooks to prepare the breakfast, including the Soualiga youth to supervise the event. Zumba animation and coffee warmed up the drenched walkers on arrival. This kind of event recalls, in a more general way, the primary meaning of politics and its values: a common progress, the meaning of the effort, the desire to share and undoubtedly an anchoring in the territory which one inhabits. . _HM

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