VOLLEYBALL / Norceca Confederation: Saint-Martin volleyball players enter the fray!


After the men, the ladies enter this weekend to try to qualify for the 2nd round scheduled for 2017 for the NORCECA confederation zone volleyball world championship.

The sports meetings take place at the Galisbay gymnasium with the following program:

Saturday October 29, 2016:

9 am: Saint Kitts / Saint Eustache, 11 am: Saint-Martin / Saba, 18 pm: Saba / St Eustache, 20 pm: Saint-Martin / Saint Kitts

Sunday 30

October 2016

9 a.m .: St Kitts / Saba, 11 a.m .: Saint-Martin / Saint-Eustache,

18 p.m .: small final,

20 p.m .: Final

Note that the first two teams are qualified in the second round.  _AF

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