Emmanuel Macron's visit to Saint-Martin 


As part of his tour of the Antilles, the 2017 presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron is expected on December 18 in Saint-Martin.

Mr. Macron, who resigned from the government last August to devote himself to his movement “En Marche!”, Will also travel to Guadeloupe, Martinique and Guyana. “On the move, to put France back in motion (…) it is open to all those who share the observation that our country is blocked and who find themselves in the values ​​which guide my reflection and my action: attachment to work , to progress and risk, an equal passion for justice, a deep and demanding European attachment ”, we can read on its official website. The former Minister of the Economy, who will not take part in the primary of the left, has published a book entitled "Revolution". _EH

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