Violent fire at the Pointe-à-Pitre teaching hospital, 1 people evacuated!


A violent fire broke out on Tuesday at the Center hospitalier universitaire de Pointe-à-Pitre, around 15 p.m., without causing any casualties but leading to the evacuation of 1 people, according to CHU management. 

According to the first elements, the fire started at the level of a technical room. Thick smoke emanated from the building, according to the deputy director general, Alain Philibert.

"The resuscitation service, the maternity service, the emergencies, floors 3, 4, 5, 8 and 9 have been evacuated," said the prefecture of Guadeloupe in a press release.

A toll-free number set up

The CHU patients were routed to other hospital structures throughout Guadeloupe and to the commune of Basse-Terre, thanks to the activation of the "enlarged" white plan, explained Alain Philibert.

In total, "nearly 700 patients and about 500 staff members plus visitors who were evacuated," recalls Alain Philibert, adding that the hospital is full at this time. Among the 700 patients, 450 were hospitalized, the rest were in consultation.

Samu and Adapted Military Service (RSMA) tents have been installed to facilitate evacuations and the movement of ambulances. "All the patients have been evacuated and put in safety," confirmed the prefecture. It was around one in the morning that the hundred firefighters on the job since the start of the fire at the CHU were able to put out the flames. They had to face several episodes of explosion during the evening, due to the toxic products stored in the room where the fire broke out. _A

A toll-free number has been set up to allow families to get news of their loved ones hospitalized at the CHU:

05 90 89 10 12


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